Best 8 City Building Games for Android 2021

Best City Building Games

Best City Building GamesStart with a touch home or building and build to an incredibly vase metropolis with building rising up to the celebs.

From games like Minecraft that provide you the freedom to make whatever you’d wish to Cities Skyline that’s focused solely on the town building fantasy, there’s something for everyone.

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The Sims 4

While its more of a neighborhood building game, it’s hard to not put The Sims 4 on this list as you’ll create yourself, your family, and your friends during a world you create.

Best City Building Gamesyou will see them set about their lifestyle and thus the game’s many expansions add longevity to a game that already had it in droves.


2013’s SimCity is an evolution of the varied incredible games that came before it.

Best City Building Games This version has fully realized cities, Sims that react and speak on to you relying on how you’re handling things, a multiplayer option that permits you to create an area alongside your friends, and much more.

LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds could also be a game like Minecraft where the only limitation is your imagination. LEGO Worlds allows players of all ages to make their dream creations with LEGO of all shapes and sizes.

Best City Building Games you’ll explore the earth with helicopters, dragons, motorbikes, and even gorillas, and much of your creations can come to life and interact with the earth itself.

It fits during this category because who wouldn’t want to determine a variety of the world’s greatest cities recreated in LEGO form.

Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines allows players to make the town of their dreams, complete with road networks, bus lines, parks, and much more.

Best City Building GamesWant to form a smog-filled industrial-focused town? Have at it! Want to make a paradise on the beach? Make your city dreams come true. There are also traffic simulation, districts and policies, day/night cycles, and much more.

SimCity Creator

If you still have your Nintendo Wii around for the occasional bowling match, SimCity Creator could be a superb addition that might fill that city building void.

Best City Building GamesThis Wii title allows players to make a replacement York-style metropolis, romantic European city, exotic Asian paradise, futuristic Cyberspace, or combine any of them for something completely new and special.

Furthermore, you’ll unleash disasters like earthquakes, meteors, and giant monsters. The Wii remote also allows for drawing curvy roads, placing landmarks, shaping the layout of your city, and more.

Aven Colony

Aven Colony is different than these other choices because it tasks you with taking charge of humanity’s first extrasolar settlement on a replacement alien world. you’ll start by building a touch colony, but with good decisions, you’ll build it up to an enormous, sprawling city.

Best City Building GamesThere are a campaign mode and sandbox mode, and players must also be careful about harsh winters, electrical storms, and more.

Frost Punk

Frost Punk could also be much more intense, dark, and demanding city builder game, but it is a very special one. Frost Punk could also be a city-survival game where decisions you create are getting to be the difference between life and death for those living in your city.

Best City Building GamesYou have to make the law, maintain hope, weigh your choices, explore, and much more during this title by Merge Games.


Minecraft is that the last word sandbox and allows for building everything from the humblest abode to the foremost elegant and enormous city the earth has ever seen.

Best City Building GamesWhile it’s not strictly a city building game, it allows you to make the town of your dreams with its wide range of customization options and building tools. Minecraft could even be the last word creating a game, and your city is just waiting to be built.

What are City Building Games?

City-building games are a kind of simulation computer game where players assume control over the development and maintenance of a township. Players must design and plan the location of buildings and public resources like roads and access points.

In terms of maintenance, the player’s responsibilities often include governing, growth planning, economic output, and other priorities that are critical to the functioning of the town or township.

SimCity pioneered the genre within the late 1980s, which set the bar for simulation games decades into the longer term. Following the success of the SimCity franchise, similar games hit the market, including the Anno Series, Cities: Skylines, et al… You’ll find that a lot of those titles still hold an outsized portion of the market share today.

In addition to city building, similar genres like theme parks and business simulators have surfaced. While all of them follow an equivalent top-down management formula, they each have their own unique features and mechanics setting them apart.

Furthermore, each game manages some aspects of the town building process differently, ensuring that each title has its own combination of unique properties.

General Thoughts on City Building Games

Now that we’ve had a summary of the simplest city building games, we’ve penned some general thoughts on the genre for a more in-depth look:

1. The strategy is vital.

Perhaps the key component to a successful city-building campaign, the proper strategy is crucial for survival and prosperity. believe it. You’ll need an overarching gameplan to handle construction hiccups, frustrated citizens, and therefore the inevitable crisis.

2. City builders teach real management techniques.

City building games require that you simply juggle an outsized number of projects, and players must prioritize between the foremost important ones. This mimics real-world issues, and it’s an excellent thanks to enhancing your management skills.

3. you want to think outside the box.

A creative approach is important for overcoming difficult problems that arise during your tenure as a city builder. From designing certain elements of your town to developing an idea for more economic output, you’ll get to think outside to box if you would like your city to prosper.

4. Responsibilities compile.

Planning, construction, economic policies, government, the well-being of your citizens. the simplest city building games require that you simply combat a huge number of responsibilities to make sure the survival and growth of your city.

5. The golden age is real.

A golden age may be a period of great happiness, prosperity, and achievement. And, it’s possible to realize a golden age in your city building game. With the proper amount of preparation (and a piece of touch luck), you’ll launch your township into a time of unprecedented growth.

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