10 Best Cool and Popular RPG Games for Android 2022

10 Best Cool & Popular RPG Games for Android

10 Best Cool and Popular RPG Games for Android 2022 – We can’t doubt that the role-playing game (RPG) is one of the best games for now. This is a video game genre where the player starts as a new character which in the character we are free to play and make whatever is provided on the game server.

10 Best Cool & Popular RPG Games for Android10 Best Cool and Popular RPG Games for Android

Role-playing games (RPGs) are a popular genre on consoles and now you can play them on a smartphone or tablet be it on Android or iOS.

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For those who want to play RPG on an Android device, Google Play has many choices to choose from, there are lots of exciting game choices that we can download for free. But not all of them are available for free.

Some of them we have to pay if we want to play it and buy items in the game.

The following is a list we have collected from the 10 best, and the most stable RPG for Android.

Best Ways to Download Android RPG Games 2021

1. Final Fantasy VI

10 Best Cool & Popular RPG Games for Android

Is it the best RPG game in the series by most lovers of the Final Fantasy franchise? It features fourteen playable characters, the biggest players of every game in the Final Fantasy series to date.

Characters can use dozens of items, and each character has its own special performance.

The game uses an Active Time Battle turn-based system with clear work for each character, a powerful magic system, as well as special ‘relics’ items to complete for everyone.

The interface and controls have been tweaked to be more played on the touch screen, and graphics have been carefully created to take advantage of the power of modern hardware without losing the classic Final Fantasy VI style.

Like all Final Fantasy series, this game has a rich and powerful story to follow with 80+ hours of gameplay. If you like the JRPG style role-playing game, FFVI is a must-have list of games to take. Price: $ 15.99

2. Dragon Quest VIII

10 Best Cool & Popular RPG Games for Android

The best game that was presented on Android. This is a classic JRPG with 3D visuals and stylish anime graphics.

Dragon Quest VIII has a beautiful 3D environment created for players to explore, full of many secrets, cities, and side-quests.

The environment has daytime features; when players travel around the world on a day, they will face certain enemies with a fairly normal range of attacks and defense forces, but when night falls, which is not the same, stronger enemies will appear.

At one point in the game, the player will receive an alchemical pot. the pot used to mix items to create new weapons and healing items.

This item is very useful for making powerful weapons that depart for very high prices in weapons shops.

The game also has a casino that contains a variety of mini-games for players to participate in to win prizes such as rare and powerful weapons. Price: $ 19.99

3. Tale Bard – Xperia Edn

Popular RPG Games for AndroidThis is one of the most famous action RPG games. In certain games, players must control the first poet who fiddles past all the classic heroic responsibilities that are maintained for happy women and ale.

This Android game has a very large world to explore with many types of enemies and many enemies and artifacts.

If you like RPGs with cool stories and presentations, then you will like this Bard story. This is an excellent port that will share hours of happiness, not a bit of humor, and solid gameplay elements playing the role. Price: $ 1.99

4. Chaos Rings II

Popular RPG Games for AndroidChaos Rings II is the second release in the Chaos Rings series for Android. Chaos Rings II introduces classic JRPG gameplay with new stories and improved graphics for new experiences.

In many ways, it surpassed the first game with a faster-paced experience and a story centered.

There are also quite large players of characters with real voice acting and stunning visuals.

The graphics are one of the prominent values ​​in Chaos Rings II. While the character models are mostly the same as in the first game, but not a few types are included in the characters with each hairline.

Chaos Rings II also maintains a simple and easy control system that makes good use of the touch screen without overdoing it. If you have not played the original Chaos Rings then you certainly must try it. Price: $ 13.99

5. Zenonia 5

Zenonia 5

Zenonia 5 is the fifth installment in this Gamevil RPG action game series. Sort of like its predecessor, Zenonia 5 has tons of adventure, loot drops, and threatening enemies.

In the beginning, you have to choose your character. There are four different characteristics to choose from: Berserker, Mechanic, Wizard, and Paladin.

Each character has its own unique performance and special moves.

Perhaps the most intense stage of this game is a deep and extraordinary story. Depending on the character you choose, you will get a story that is not the same as the plot and mission itself.

Also, at the end of a certain mission, you are divided by a number of coins and experience. Then not a little experience you have, the greater your level.

With coins, you can buy upgrades for your character, equipment, and new weaponry.

In addition, Zenonia 5 also introduces a multiplayer mode in a global PvP (Player-Versus-Player) environment, thus allowing players to fight other players and gain faster experience. Price: Free

6. Brave Trials

Brave Trials

Barve Trials is the best RPG action game developed by IGG.com and presented on Android. He introduced a slightly unique playing style with mashups of different gameplay elements.

Combat is very similar to what you find in RPGs like the Zenonia series. There are 3 classes in Brave Trials: Mage, Rogue, and Fighter, each with a male and female version.

The best thing about this game is that it has a killer development system, as the character level is quite fast and you can immediately increase new performance for him.

All in all, Brave Trials is a beautiful RPG experience full of quests and levels to make it valuable.

We suggest you try it if you want a large RPG based skill game. Price: Free

7. Evoland

Best 2GB Ram Games For PC Free Download Evoland is an awesome little RPG game that starts with very retro RPG action in terms of 2D scrolling and develops into a beautiful full 3D open-world game.

In the beginning, you are entangled for rolling side movements in the game and after completing the level, you will open a world of more flexible movements such as the classic Legend of the Zelda game.

The game continues to develop as you play. In the end, you can open a beautiful 3D world that feels like a game console on your Android device.

This game will lift you down the road of memory and let you relive the classic days of the RPG genre.

You’ll find it great to open up different game modes and play through them.

There are tons of achievements and stars to collect, as well as the visual style that stretches in this RPG from 2D to 3D and everything in between. Price: $ 4.99

8. RPG Symphony of Origin

RPG Symphony of Origin

The Symphony of Origin RPG is a new RPG brand developed by Kemco, featuring a gripping storyline as well as an epic fight against dedemites from the depths of the earth.

Like many classic RPGs, Symphony of Origin is a turn-based game that shares the appreciation of victory with experience to increase the level of your character and loot to adjust their performance.

The treasures in Symphony of Origin are even more important than many RPGs because all stages of the weapon offer stat bonuses. Skills are also tied into weapons, only allowing characters to use skills after they master specific weapons. RPG Games for Android

The great part about Symphony of Origin is that the subtle animation features and dramatic sound effects while fighting help make the battle seem even more fate.

Characters whose voices act so that from time to time you will hear them talking about things that are cool touches and make the experience a little richer than a flat 2D RPG. Price: $ 3.99

9. Chain Chronicle – RPG

Chain Chronicle – RPG

Chain Chronicle – RPG is a Role-Playing Game with a unique line of defense twist. Players control up to five units because they are required to defend their base from wave after wave of enemies.

Chronicle Chains are free to play mobile games that mix real-time RPGs with tower defense mechanics.

In the game, you play as a single hero and control up to five Knights, Ulama, Archers, Soldiers, and Wizards to protect the world from the Yggdra from the hordes.

Throughout your adventure, you will meet allies with different skills.

With over 150 affiliates available to recruit in the game, as well as the kind you bond with them, you’ll gain access to new locations and stories. Price: Free

10. Doom & Destiny

Doom & Destiny

Doom & Destiny is a standard turn-based RPG where you control four characters in your party. Each of the four characters has their own class.

The four classes are Ninja, Warrior, Pirate, and Magus – each with their own stat performance.

For example, Francis Ninja has a bonus for DEXT, while Nigel Magus has a bonus for CHAR, which is a stat that affects points and magic damage. RPG Games for Android

Apart from adjusting the character class as well as the role of the battle by balancing attribute points, reaching a certain level with attributes also divides the character’s strong points. These are the points you spend on allocating spells and performance.

Each hero has a limited pool of PowerPoints and can complete and un-complete every spell they have purchased at any time.

This factor is very versatile and makes the character quite flexible to make several roles in battle. RPG Games for Android.

RPG Games for Android Doom & Destiny has some great and original elements that add to the fun RPG experience. This factor is highly recommended for all RPG lovers out there, especially gamers who like old classic NES / SNES games. Price: $ 1.99.

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