10 Best Moto GP Android Games (Offline) Newest 2021

10 Best Moto GP Android Games (Offline) Newest 2020
Best Moto GP Android Games. Moto GP is one of the world sports branches in the form of races, usually, in this sport, the rider will ride a motorbike that has been prepared properly and then race with other racers with the specified lap/lap.

 Best Moto GP Android Games (Offline) Newest 2020This type of sport is so much in demand by people, especially men because it is considered exciting and also includes the kind of sport that is like soccer.

That is why it is not uncommon among those who are enthusiastic when there are Moto GP race events on television such as Grandprix and others.

From that, too, a number of game developers take advantage of the opportunity to make Moto GP games for Android where players can feel the sensation of racing like Valentino Rossi.

Games are one alternative to channel our interest in things that we cannot do, just like this Moto GP.

Certainly, very few of us can do that, because racers use expensive motorbikes to drive in racing and the circuits used are different from the road we are on.

That is why here we Technessy.com will provide recommendations for you Moto GP lovers, namely some Moto GP Android APK games that you can play for free.

Maybe it’s very rare among you or even no one knows that actually there are so many motorcycle racing games that you can find on the Google Play Store. Curious about the Moto GP Android game? Let us refer to the following review.

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1. SBK16 Official Mobile Game

Ordered the first Moto GP racing game is the SBK15 Official Mobile Game where this game is touted as the best game in terms of motor racing.

Best Moto GP Android GamesWhy is it said best? Because this game has gotten quite a rating which is around 4.2 in the Play Store, which means it is highly recommended to be played by installers who have already played it.

If the problem is also very cool gameplay, not inferior to the real race really. Let me be more clear just try it yourself. Hurry up now download it on Play Store.

2. MotoGP Superbike Racing

Moto GP SuperBike Racing Game is a SuperBike racing game with a real/real original design, for those of you who already know Moto GP can play this 3D motorbike racing game on Android.

Best Moto GP Android GamesYou will be tested in a grand pix event that is so exciting to race to the leading position. The game consists of 4 laps, 10 motorbikes, and racers.

You will watch the race track with a cool design like the original. There are various settings in the game so that you can play more enjoyable.

The menu that you can play is a kind of quick race and career. For those of you who are interested in this MotorGp Super Bike Racing game, then download it on the Google Play Store.

3. Moto Racing GP 2014

Moto Racing GP 2014 consists of 8 races. Each race will choose three of the world’s fastest racers to climb to the podium, but the best is to finish first in the race, thus earning the biggest points.

This motorbike racing game for Android has a cool design and looks original with 3D graphics, so it will make you eager to drive the speed of the motorcycle to pursue the first position.

Best Moto GP Android GamesWhen you first start playing the game, you will enter the motorcycle options menu for the race, choose what you prove to be your liking, and the design of the motorbike is also realistic.

The things that are done in the race, such as making gas, increasing the speed of the motor, braking, turning, and others to pursue the leading position, do that factor properly and correctly.

4. Moto GP Speed ​​Tour

Moto GP Speed ​​Tour is a MotoGP Android racing game that consists of not a few tracks for racing.

Best Moto GP Android GamesMotorbikes for racing use popular brands such as Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Aprilla, and not a few others. So that the factor will improve the game so that it is more real and also fun.

Motorcycle racing games that are played on the Android operating system are quite entertaining, and you can play for hours.

This game “Moto GP Speed ​​Tour” is free, you can show the courage to cut the racer in front of the aspect of sharp alias ordinary turns.

You must concentrate on the race and leave your opponent far behind. There are not a few race tracks that you can play, download the game.

5. Moto Grand Prix 2014

The newest Moto GP Android racing game, the “Moto Grand Prix 2014” is licensed for free. In the “Moto Grand Prix 2014” later you will join the GrandPix motorcycle championship in the 2014 season.

You will make the race on a straight track and also turn, run as fast as possible to race the motor racing to get the best position.

Best Moto GP Android Games

A variety of great features that exist in this game add to the excitement that you can get to know the team standings and racers.

Then there is also a racing schedule with a calendar, then there is also news, videos, and information about the team and the drivers.

6. Real Moto

This one Moto GP game has been downloaded by more than 10 million users. Real Moto presents a different motorcycle driving experience.

Best Moto GP Android GamesThere are various points of view when you drive, so you can adjust it as you wish.

There are also 11 unique types of motorcycles with realistic speed and motorbike sound.

In fact, you can also modify the motorbike as you wish, interested to try it? Hurry up and download it, guys!

7. Real MotoGP Bike Rider 3D – Highway Racing

No less interesting to try also is Real Motogp Bike Rider 3D – Highway Racing.

This game has the experience of riding a motorcycle that is quite unique with each vehicle that has a different power on each motor.

Best Moto GP Android GamesThere are 3 cameras that are visible from behind, also you can see REPLAY when the race is over. There are at least 10 motorbikes that you can use, and also 2 different motorcycle racers.

8. Fast Rider Motogp Racing

Fast Rider Motogp Racing comes with stunning 3D graphics, which will spoil the eyes of players with a quality display.

Best Moto GP Android GamesThere are two racing modes in this game, namely Quick Race and Championship mode where Kailan can compete with other racers. Easy and intuitive controls are also very easy to use. You do not need to be complicated when driving a Moto GP.

9. MotoGP Racing ’19

Best Moto GP Android Games

If you are looking for a Moto GP game with good display quality, don’t forget to try MotoGP Racing ’19. This game presents a racing experience that is similar to real, besides that we can race together with other racers in one circuit.

Until now this game continues to be updated by the developer in order to continue to present a good gaming experience.

10. Real Bike Racing

One more thing that is no less exciting and we want to recommend it as the best Moto GP game on Android.

Real Bike Racing has a realistic 3D graphic display that is similar to the original Moto GP race.VR Mode is also provided which you can enjoy using the help of Google Cardboard tools and the like.

Best Moto GP Android Games

Because most of the Moto GP Android racing games above are no longer available on the Play Store, so I suggest you download them using 9Apps which you can download here.

Then after that, please install it on your Android, and happy looking for interesting games and applications in it. Good luck!

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