10 Best Car Modification Games for Android 2022

Car Modification Games for Android.

 Best Car Modification Games for Android 2022 – Many people like to modify their cars so that they have a cool appearance. Usually to modify a car requires a lot of costs, that’s because the price of parts of the car is very expensive and also rarely available in the country, so some parts do have to order in advance.

This hobby is indeed very expensive, and therefore created a number of car modification games for Android where the players can channel their hobbies to modify as they wish.

But the problem is do you all know what car modifying games are on Android? If not, very lucky because this time we will share the game consists of more than 10 cool car modification games that you can see below:

Cars Tuning

Car Modification Games for Android.

Want to modify the racing car that you like? This game can be an alternative for those of you who like driving cars to make it look cool. Uniquely, in the Cars Tuning game, we can choose an old car to the latest release to be modified.

You can also see the results of other people’s modifications directly from Pinterest. Change the wheels and adjust the engine power owned, make changes to the car paint to look more stylish, and provide some unique speaker modifications to enjoy music in the car.

Car Mechanic Simulator 18

Car Modification Games for Android.

When you love to disassemble a car like a mechanic, then this Car Mechanic Simulator 18 game is perfect to try. You can change the look of the car to be cooler with double stickers inside. You can even make your own signature in your car.

There are many photo modifications that you can use as a reference in choosing the right part for the car. The method is quite easy, you just need to drag the sticker you want to use to the car. Very easy and very practical.

                                                     Download it.

3D Tuning

Car Modification Games for Android.

3DTuning is a game that will turn you into a 3D car configurator. There are more than 1000 types of cars with real picture quality and you can choose at will. And also free to do tuning and modification on the outside or inside.

Not satisfied just there, this game provides a variety of car brands from the latest output to the ever-popular in the 20th and 21st century (old school). Replace the front-rear bumper, headlights, fenders, taillights, wheels, mirrors, spoilers, and much more that can be modified.

Drift Max Pro

Car Modification Games for Android.

Drift Max Pro is not an ordinary car modification game, because, in fact, it is a car racing game in which there are features for modifying cars. More or less the same as the game need for speed, where we can customize our own racing vehicles.

Almost all aspects of the car can be modified, such as the hood, spoilers, doors, and suspensions on the engine. Several modes of choice to play such as career mode that has many challenges and exciting seasons.

You can also change the camera’s view angle to get the right view. Moreover, this Drift Max Pro game is offline which means it can be played without the internet.

Drift Tuner

Car Modification Games for Android.

One car customization game that is no less cool to play. In a virtual world without limits, you can do anything to the car you have.

Of course, here special skills are needed to modify. You will also find 4 race tracks with detailed, realistic, and challenging images. There are about 11 legendary cars that are ready to be played and modified to their heart’s content.

It’s time to make your car cooler than others and to look different when you’re on the racetrack.


Car Modification Games for Android.

One of the car modification games you shouldn’t miss, especially if you want to deepen your knowledge of car tuning with this one game.

You can also find configurators in the form of 3D views, disk drive directories, tuning, and also get information about the automotive world in cars. 3D graphics offered certainly cannot be refused, addictive.

Race Pro

Do not let your car look like something else, enjoy the real racing experience with Race Pro and choose the sports cars that you like and drive yourself directly on the racetrack. It also features for upgrading parts, unlimited car modification including wheels, brakes, suspension, car paint, car stickers, engines, and license plates. Car Modification Games for Android.

Enjoy a realistic racing experience with a real interior view. Racing in a city with a vehicle that is so crowded, making it one of the wild racing games that are worth trying.

Fast Racing 2

Car Modification Games for Android.

Fast Racing 2 is also one of the well-known car racing games, this game provides useful features to be able to upgrade the car to make it cooler and also faster. But to make modifications, you have to race and get bonuses in the form of credits that you can use to upgrade your car parts.

Nitro Nation Drag & Drift

Car Modification Games for Android.

In this game, there are dozens of famous branded cars that can be chosen to be modified and used for racing in the arena. You can even play multiplayer online to compete with players from all over the world.

Modify your car from the engine, suspension, tires, nitro, and much more. Determine appropriate modifications to deal with extreme tracks such as racing in rainy weather with slippery roads that are flooded by water.

It’s not just the interior that you can modify, it even covers the exterior of the car like paint, adjusts the color of your car as desired, and is ready to race with others.

Car Mechanic Simulator Game

Car Modification Games for Android.

From the top, maybe you have found a car modification game that has been played, but do you know that the game that is no less interesting and exciting to try?

Car Mechanic Game Simulator is a game like a garage where here we will make a real race car with manual workmanship. Starting from the suit of the car, engine, brakes, suspension to paint the car that we must consider.

Car Fix: Garage War!

Car Modification Games for Android.

Prove that you are the strongest street race car crew, get the car parts in a strong shop and rebuild and upgrade your car to be even stronger so as not to be defeated by the enemy. Because there is only one key to winning, is to make your car faster.

This game is a paid game that offers complete car repair shop facilities ranging from design to dozens of component tools that are available in full and we can buy directly from the store.

That’s the collection of the best car modification games that should not be missed just like that, just download for free by pressing the download button that we have provided above, hopefully, entertained and happy playing!

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