10 Latest Kids Games on Android 2021

Latest Kids Games on Android

Latest Kids Games on Android – In this era of highly advanced technology, it will be no surprise that you see children holding their own smartphones. Because in this all-digital era, smartphone users are not just adults or teenagers, but many children are starting to use smartphones as boredom relief.

Latest Kids Games on Android.

Usually, this will make your little one addicted to smartphones because they play games too often. And also, because what is presented by social media is not all safe for children, it is a good idea to limit children’s movements by providing learning applications and educational games.

This time, TipsPintar will provide recommendations for the best children’s applications that are suitable for children. Listen to the end, OK!

Recommended Applications for Safe Children Download 

The Latest Kids Games on Android. Here are some recommendations for games for kids that you can download on your smartphone. Come on, listen to the end!

1. Learn The Animals


Animals game 1

The first children’s game is Learn The Animals. This game is one of the educational games that will introduce you to animals around the world.

This game is suitable for children from 8 to 6 years old to help him train his brain. This game will teach you or recognize various animal sounds, animal shapes, and compose words from the names of these animals.

2. Learn Hijaiyah


kids game-2

The second children’s game is Learning Hijaiyah which is one of the best Muslim children’s educational games.

This game will teach children to get to know more hijaiyah letters such as alfi, ba, tsa in a more fun way.

Apart from recognizing letters, this game can also help you learn to count! This game is perfect for children to be more productive at home.

3. Bubbu


kids game-3

Do you still remember the Pou game? Just like Pou, Bubbu is a children’s game that will allow you to have a virtual animal or animal that you will raise via smartphone.

In this game, you will feed the cat, clean it, and invite it to play. This can teach you to care more about the animals around you.

4. Duck Duck Moose Games


trucks kidsgame-4

The next children’s game is Duck Duck Moose which is an adventure game.

In this game, you can get creative by building trucks, learning math in a more fun way, playing bingo, and going on other adventures.

This can help children to be more active and creative in the future.

5. Rube’s Lab – Physics Puzzle


kids game-5

Rube’s Lab is a puzzle game that is perfect for children from 5 years old to play.

This game is enough to sharpen your brain because in this game it is filled with puzzles that require you to use logic to answer all the puzzles provided.

6. Lego DC Mighty Micros


kids game-6

Lego DC Mighty Micros is a game that is quite popular among children and adults alike. Starting from digital games to physical games, Lego proves that this game is indeed very worthy of being loved.

So, in this Lego game, children will be invited to get to know more about superheroes in the world. Examples include Batman, Superman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman.

This game also teaches you to show more creativity by making bases for the superhero.

7. PBS Kids games


kids game-7

PBS Kids is a studio that collects games for kids, guys. Not just one game, PBS Kids provides many games that you can play on your smartphone.

The game collection owned by PBS Kids has visuals that are sure to be a favorite for children considering the many cute and adorable characters.

This game is very suitable for children aged 5 years and over.

8. Sago Mini Apartment


kids game-8

Sago Mini Apartment is an adventurous game that is very easy to play because here you only have to be Sago, the penguin in the game.

Your job is to walk through the apartment and surround it with your friends and adventure in it.

9. Brain Out


Brain Out

Brain Out is a brain teaser game with answers that you would never have imagined.

This challenging game is full of jokes, very fun, sharpens children’s imagination and creativity. Because there is a perfect combination of challenges regarding IQ, intelligence, and intelligence.

10. Smurf Village


Smurf Village kids game-10

The Latest Kids Games on Android on Smurf Village is an educational game that will make you more creative because, in this game, you can build villages and build houses.

You can also do farming activities such as planting flowers, vegetables and also taking care of your livestock.

The Latest Kids Games on Android are some of the games that you can download to supervise your little one while playing at home. What do you think guys? Don’t forget to share this article!


This guide shows you the simple Latest Kids Games on Android available on the web.  We hope this guide was helpful to you. If you’ve got any queries or feedback, be happy to comment down below together with your Name and E-mail ID.

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